Scents of Love


For the graduates ~ and their mothers and teachers


Change pains us and mother’s pain is deep

Like labor and tears and vast spaces you know she’ll grow into –


Pain oft blends with joy as somehow they are one,

Both cut and there is blood because there is love


Like Wordsworth’s daffodils hosts of girls sing and dance

And breathe beneath trees in breezes that blow them to faraway places

And it all begins with flowers


Flowers and girls and flower-girls –


And hope and joy and expectation

And no fear and much fear and sighs and

Love active, too pure for dreams.


And flowers and girls and flower-girls –


And white and wreaths and hair bows large.

Eager eyes and girls on grasses and young meets younger as older looks on

And God said, “It is good.”


Good-bye begins with good – all good –

So good-bye to this day and the next and the next –


Good-bye here is hello to a newness fresh.


My pupils stay forever young but I grow old

And so does she, my only,

Yet all is well

Because all is love.


I have smelled the scents of love, they are the scents of spring –


Love smells like flowers.

And girls. And flower girls.









For Rainey and all my girls