Waiting on Baby – A Letter to my Grandchild

Little One ~

You are here.  Hello.

Your mother called to tell us about you. Actually, she called on Face-Time, which we never do, and the moment I saw her face I knew you were here. Your mama’s smile was large and rich and peaceful ~ I don’t think I’ve ever seen her any prettier. People say that happy mamas glow, but I don’t think I have ever fully seen this, until now.  But once you see it, you know – it’s a little like a miracle.

For when you are fully looking, fully seeking, it is then you find.  It is then you see the miracles.


I have been thinking about miracles of late, and I’ve learned a thing or two I want to tell you about.

There is an essential reciprocity in miracles – the receiver must fully accept and embrace what the giver gives. Otherwise, the gift is one-sided and cannot truly be a miracle.

If you don’t eat the fish and loaves, then for you it is no miracle.

For it to be miraculous, it must be fully received. No strings attached, no manipulation, no coercion. Selfishness and ego destroy the miracle. This is how some people can say, “That was no miracle. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

That is right, they don’t see, poor things.   They choose not to, they choose self-importance and doubt, fear and anger, and they miss the miracle.

But when the giver gives joyfully and the receiver takes freely with open and humble hands, miracles can happen, and you can actually see them.

I saw your mama glow.  Joy makes us glow.  It is a miracle.

Little one, we will show you how to not miss the miracles.  You have so many people who love you already – we will all show you how to open your eyes and see.


The doctor took a picture of you.  You are sucking your thumb.  I’m pretty sure thumb-sucking in the womb is a sign of high intelligence, but I will have to research this.   (smile)


Your parents walked home from the doctor’s appointment and ate lunch from a food cart at Columbia University. I’ll bet they talked about you all day.


So, you are coming and we are all so glad. We will talk of you every day until you are here. We will sit around and say the same things and tell the same stories over and over until you come. That’s how we roll.  We will do this as we wait.

So rest, little one, and grow, this is your task for now. Your bed is warm and safe, all is freely given and there is nothing about which you should fret.  Just rest in the warm embrace of the parents who care for you and will do anything to keep you protected.

For the womb is grace – the way we are all supposed to live.  If your Father’s eye is on the smallest sparrow, then He is surely watching over you.

We are waiting for you. I wake up in the night and the first thing I think about is you and your mama and daddy, and I pray, sometimes for a long time.  We will get things ready for your coming.

All will be well.  See you soon.