To contact me about speaking, writing, or questions about my blog, you can e-mail me at

I’d love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Nancy – I’m so glad! It’s wonderful to be writing again. I’m glad you enjoy them – that really encourages me.
    You can follow this blog and you will get an email when I post a new story. Go to the Home page of this blog, and at the top is a little tab that says “Follow this blog.” Just click on that – it’s easy!
    I’m happy you want to read more – that makes MY day! Love you all!


  2. Sweet Shari~
    I found myself home alone today (and quite happy):) on a cozy Christmas afternoon, reading all of your writings.
    Smiling, crying, laughing and sighing. Beautiful stories and visuals put into captivating words.
    Thank you for being authentic in every way and declaring that God takes the broken things of life and makes them beautiful in His time!
    Love you and miss you.


    1. Thank you, sweetest Dawn. Your words here mean more than you know. I’m happy to be writing. Since all that has happened in our lives recently, it just seems to be coming and coming more and more ~ God it good. I’m really enjoying the process.
      I miss you, too.
      I hope you guys have the loveliest Christmas. We love you more than you know.


  3. Hey Shari,

    Hope you are doing well today. I have a technical question for you… how did you get the little buttons across the bottom of each of your posts? The buttons that allow others to share your posts?

    I have looked under “Widgets” but I seem to be technologically impaired!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer~


    1. Hi there. Anyone asking ME a technical question is taking her life in her own hands ~ you need to know this up front. 🙂
      But there is a Facebook LIKE widget. So that’s for Facebook. I can’t remember about the others, but I think if you add the Facebook LIKE widget, maybe there will be a prompt for the others.
      Do not be afraid to add widgets. They are super-easy to delete, if anything goes wrong.
      Best wishes, good luck, and happy new year!

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